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Making Wishes Come True


Sunday afternoon, as I was wrapping gifts for a customer, she shared a sweet story.  Her child perused through our Holiday Catalog.  He carefully cut out all of his favorite items and placed them in his treasure chest next to his bed.  Then, he gently placed the catalog under his pillow and went to sleep.

There can’t be a better commentary of this year’s selections!  We are truly honored!


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Holiday Cheer is in the air…

The trucks have been delivering toys for weeks.  All of the Kiddly “elves” have been ticketing toys, stocking the shelves, decorating the stores and readying for holiday events.  When the decorations go up and we turn the lights on, I still get as excited as I did 27 years ago when we had our first holiday season!

We have chosen what we believe are the best toys of the season.  We have tried to edit out the stuff that is not made well.  We have chosen fun, intelligent and creative products that will help your child grow, be challenged, laugh and have fun.

ImageOur catalog, called “Make Joy,” is arriving at your doors.  Please enjoy perusing the pages we have so thoughtfully put together.


Please join us for Adult Shopping Night to preview the latest and greatest products.  Our sales representatives and experienced toy team will be there to guide you through toys, games and books while you enjoy wine and hor dourves, jazz music, raffle prizes and free gift wrapping.  This is an adult only event.  So, get a sitter or have a friends night out.  We promise to delight and entertain.  We think you will feel good about your toy decisions.  And guess what… you will have so much of your checklist done; supported a local business and have “talk of the town” gift wrapped packages ready to go.  What a fun evening!

Adult Shopping Night will be Thursday, November 15, 2012 in Longmeadow and Friday, November 16, 2012 in Canton.  Both events are from 6:30 pm to 9:00 pm.  Space is limited so please call either store to make a reservation.


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Making everlasting memories

For days before this powerful hurricane we all experienced, I watched thoughtful, loving Moms & Dads come into the store to buy games, puzzles, books and arts & crafts to get their kiddos’ minds off the storm knowing full well that their days & nights would not going to be filled with TV, computer games, videos and XBox if they lost power.  Occupying time with enriching, productive toys is a pleasant choice for those parents.  As they left the store, I reminded them to build pillow forts, create puppet shows, write poems, face paint and, don’t forget, eat chocolate pudding for breakfast.  These times mark a special place in time for a child.  It creates memories for your family.  It is a time for everyone to slow down and just be…  Be together without all of the outside pressures of school, jobs, sports, lessons, phones and computers.  It is a time that your kids might remember forever.  “October, 2012 we lost our power but we had so much fun with flashlights and snuggling the whole family in our living room in sleeping bags.”

So the hurricane passed, lights came on so I thought I needed to pass on this advice to all of you…  I spoke with a Dad just before the storm hit.  He took a deep breath and thanked me for reminding him to enjoy the moment rather than stressing about what he was missing at work.  The lesson is not to wait for a natural disaster to stop and turn off the technology – just make a date with your family.  Turn the lights off and create a new tradition, new fun and special family memories for your kids.

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